Writing Portfolio



A corporation is experimenting with time travel by changing a man’s past and observing the changes to his present. He’s tries to understand his life by piecing together journal entries from lives he’s no longer lived. A rival corporation wants to terminate the experiment by killing him. He must go back in time to stop them and understand the truth about his life.

Short Story

The Darkness (blog version; pdf version)

When a young woman ventures into the park after midnight, the night fights to kick her out.

The Imperfect Saturday Morning

Saturday morning is one man’s perfect time to write, but when inconsiderate neighbors become too noisy he must act to save his Saturday.



A television drama pilot about three brothers vying for control of their dying father’s vast business empire.

Short Script

The Break-up of Q and U

After years as a couple, the grammatical relationship between the letter Q and the letter U comes to an end.


A girl must find her keys in order to get to school on time.

Untitled comedy

A group of college friends must find a way to keep their home, by selling “special” cupcakes around campus.

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