Gender Equality

Instead of threatening their daughter’s date, dads should teach their sons not to rape

It’s prom season, and along with the tacky gowns and boutonnieres comes the gross photos of men threatening their daughter’s prom date with a gun. These jokes aren’t harmless fun, they’re a product of rape culture, and the defense of these jokes show how far we, as a society, have to go before we fully […]

Mental Health Television

Bullying is never acceptable – even on Bachelor in Paradise

The latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, which aired on August 28, brought up a topic which needs to be discussed: bullying. I must preface this article by stating that I fully understand that a reality TV show like Bachelor in Paradise is 1) edited to be the most interesting for television, and 2) not […]

Books Personal

The magic of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

With the 20th anniversary of the UK release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone having just past last month, and today being the birthday of the titular character, Harry Potter, I want to discuss the magic that is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. As a 27-year-old, this book has been a part of […]

Movies Strong Female Characters

Wonder Woman is the superhero I’ve been waiting for

I’ve been looking forward to Wonder Woman since the character was the best part of Batman V Superman, and it did not disappoint. Not only did the film have a wonderful story, great cheer-able moments, and good characterization, but Diana Prince was a fantastic and inspiring Capable Female Character.

Character Development Movies Strong Female Characters

What is a ‘Strong Female Character’?

The phrase “Strong Female Character” has become a buzzword Hollywood likes to throw around to con women into thinking a film isn’t misogynistic with the female characters as nothing more than the damsel in distress or scene decoration. But what, exactly, a Strong Female Character is hasn’t been defined, and it often seems like the […]

Movies Strong Female Characters

Jane from The Legend of Tarzan is not a strong character

Because of the current cultural and political landscape, a good chunk of the promotion around Beauty and the Beast (2017) centered on discussion of how Belle was a feminist character, an inventor, an independent person. Belle pretty much lived up to the hype, but there was another recent film whose female lead character was sold […]

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