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Strong Female Characters Television

I want Daenerys Targaryen to lose the Iron Throne: is that bad?

Daenerys Targaryen has been positioned as the Strong Female Character of Game of Thrones – she’s a leader in her own right, she’s sexually independent, she’s confident in her abilities, and she never doubts herself – but while I like Dany well enough and I do root for her, I cannot get behind her quest […]

Strong Female Characters Television

Top 5 Women of Game of Thrones

Two years ago, I wrote a piece where I listed the female characters in film, television, and video games I admired and wanted to be more like. I included two characters from Game of Thrones on my list – Arya Stark and Lady Lyanna Mormont – but in rewatching the entire series in preparation for […]

Mental Health Television

Bullying is never acceptable – even on Bachelor in Paradise

The latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, which aired on August 28, brought up a topic which needs to be discussed: bullying. I must preface this article by stating that I fully understand that a reality TV show like Bachelor in Paradise is 1) edited to be the most interesting for television, and 2) not […]

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