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How well did Beauty and the Beast (2017) update Belle?

I’ve now seen Beauty and the Beast (2017) four times, and I absolutely adore the film. I think the film is utterly charming, the changes and additions in the live action remake of the original animated film improved on the story, and the performances were wonderful. Not only did the new film tweak and update […]

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Beauty and the Beast isn’t about Stockholm Syndrome

The Internet loves Disney animated movies and Disney Princesses, and floating in between the fan theories and the Princesses re-imagined in all sorts of ways is a dark theory that states Beauty and the Beast (1991) is about Stockholm Syndrome. This theory has taken such hold that it’s moved off the Internet and into the […]

Disney Princesses Strong Female Characters

Belle: the reader who stands up for herself

In a continuation of my look at the Disney Princess Pantheon, I’ve taken a closer look at Belle from Beauty and the Beast (1991) to determine how much of a “Strong Female Character” she is and where she fits in terms of other Disney Princesses. I’ll be upfront about it: Belle is not better than […]

Disney Princesses Strong Female Characters

Mulan: the overlooked strong female Disney character

When I was an eight-year-old in 1998, I had a Mulan doll. She was cool for a bit but then I lost interest to the point that the only thing I remember about her now is that she had a removable hair piece. The same thing happened with the movie. It was Disney animation so […]

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